Here’s a WordPress SEO tutorial for those beginners out there. Let’s get into it:

There are 4 main types plugins that we need to be successful in SEO with our WordPress site:

1. SEO plugin
2. Structured data plugin
3. Speed Plugin
4. Security Plugin

If you guys stay till the end of the video i’ll also talk about a few settings inside of WordPress that are essential for our success on google.

Before we get into the plugins – i’m going to be extending the cybermonday discount on my course next week – details for that in the description.

So let’s start off with that SEO plugin – Theres a lot of plugins here and they all basically do the same thing. I’m currently using the free version of rank math, id also recommend Yoast and all in one SEO and it’s more than enough. I’d say that for 95% of usecases you won’t really need to get the pro version of any of these SEO tools.

So what can we do with these SEO plugins?

As soon as you install any of these plugins they’re going to take you through a setup wizard, and this is super important we want to take a look at all of these steps.

So after the set up, when we go over to the dashboard we’re going to see that theres a lot of microtools that we can use, that i recommend you guys check out and play around with – but where these tools really help is in the content.

so lets head over to my fake post here and well see that I have this vegan brownie recipe article that we’re going to work with.

So the first thing we should see is that we get this score up here that tells us how we’re doing in terms of our SEO progress for this page and for that we need to make sure we’re including that main focus keyword. VERY important. (Make sure that this is the main keyword that you’re targeting)

So what do we see?

1. Snippet of what that page is going to look like on google – so we can change it in whichever way we’d like – Ideally we want to include that main keyword in both the title and meta description.
2. Complete checklist of On-page stuff for your content that you should read through and try and make sure that your checking as many things off as possible.
1. Internal + external links
2. Keyword in content
3. Keyword in headings
4. Images + Alt text
5. URL

Now there’s a second main thing that we use this type of SEO plugin for – and thats the sitemap. A sitemap is basically a list of all the URLs that we ahve on our website, and its something that we submit to google, so that they can crawl it periodically and find all the new pages that we’re publishing. This is great to show google that we’re publishing consistently and it ensures that google finds all relevant pages we’d like to put on the index.

So its kind of a pain to generate a sitemap manually, but luckily enough most SEO plugins will automatically generate one for you. S

So theres a lot of these plugins that have structured data as a premium thing which is kind of annoying, so we have to go into the plugin marketplace and get this specific plugin.

NOW guys i want to talk to you about my favorite wordpress plugin. and it has to do with website speed. So check this out – we’re going to do two different speed tests, one where my speed plugin is deactivated, so lets do that now

By the way if you’ve never seen these tools before, these are the two best tools in my opinion to see how fast your website is loading .

So without the plugin activated things are looking very good – and of course as we all know with the recent page experience update, the speed of your website matters a lot these days.

Check that out guys a completely different picture, this website is now blazing fast, and all i did was turn on the plugin.

I’ve tried so many different plugins to improve mien and my clients page speed on wordpress, and honestly this is the best one, i’m not even affiliated with them but its just such a good product I need to tell you guys about it.

Okay last thing here before we get into the but still important wordpress settings:

The security plugin i’ve been using is Sucuri and it works super well!

Now guys let’s talk about some extra settings that are essential for your website to succeed.

0:00 The 4 main plugins we need for WordPress SEO
0:45 Which SEO Plugin Should I Pick?
2:08 The main SEO usecase with these plugins
6:30 A free structured data plugin
7:36 My fave WordPress Plugin (Improving site speed)
9:52 Get a security plugin before its too late
10:21 Extra WordPress Settings that can hurt your SEO

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