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This is it! If you are looking to build a programmatic SEO site, this will take you through every technical step, from architecting the database in AWS DynamoDB, building a backend to serve the data with AWS Lambda and API Gateway, creating a frontend with proper URLs and internal linking, and creating sitemaps that you can submit to Google.

It’s a good one.

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At Cobalt Intelligence we focus on web scraping business data. I’m Jordan Hansen, a software engineer and expert at acquiring public business information. We help companies with their business due diligence by automating the verification of business data with Secretary of State registries.

Cobalt Intelligence can help you get business data from our Secretary of State API.

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This channel helps people find and learn fun ways to get data from the internet. Learn about web scraping tools, developer tools, proxy, how to bypass captcha and more.

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0:00 Introduction
2:38 Database work in DynamoDB
25:45 Lambda + API Gateway
41:55 Frontend with Angular
56:23 CORS
1:21:23 Sitemaps
1:37:00 Sitemap index and gz
1:55:00 Conclusion