Hello, I’m Sania Amelia, and I’m a student in the B2 class at Widyatama University’s Communication Visual Design faculty. When I was a middle school I joined the paskibra extracurricular and almost every month I went to paskibra’s competition and my group always get a championship. I will always remember that moment and how we were excited to bring the trophy for our school.

This journal discusses about how effective logo design toward a brand. This research aimed to measure the effects of logo elements comprising type font, graphic form, and color toward brand personality perceptions, as well as to explore the relationship between business stakeholders and brand personality. And all the discussions made me interested in this journal.

This video is designed to provide students who are interesting in exploring relevant topic about The Effects of Logo Design toward in Real Business and creating a three-minute presentation. It also aims at fulfilling the final assignment of General English subject in Widyatama University assigned by Ms. Sheila Nanda Parayil, S.S., M.Hum

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