As the technology sector continues to grow, NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) shares have been riding a wave of success. The company’s stock has seen a remarkable run-up over the past few months, with shares reaching all-time highs in recent weeks.

The surge in stock price is due to strong performance from the company’s core graphics processing unit (GPU) business. NVIDIA GPUs are used in gaming PCs, data centers, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and the company has seen strong demand for its products across these areas.

NVIDIA’s AI technology has been particularly successful, as the company’s GPUs are used to power many of the latest advancements in machine learning and deep learning. The company has also made significant investments in autonomous driving technology, which is expected to be a major market in the near future.

In addition to strong fundamentals, NVIDIA has also benefited from a favorable macro environment. The stock has been buoyed by the Trump administration’s focus on technology and economic growth, as well as the broader market’s rally.

Looking forward, analysts expect NVIDIA’s stock to continue to rise as the company continues to innovate and expand its presence in the AI and autonomous driving markets. With a strong balance sheet and a well-positioned product portfolio, NVIDIA is likely to remain a market leader for the foreseeable future.

Investors have been quick to capitalize on the stock’s strong performance, with shares up over 50% since the beginning of the year. As the company continues to innovate and develop new technologies, investors can expect NVIDIA’s stock to remain at record highs.