FLY MAGIC – Pau [Music Video]

Givers & Takers // The new album from Timo Vollbrecht and FLY MAGIC is OUT:

Givers & Takers highlights the aspect of COMMUNITY as an essential core of the musical experience. “Music is first and foremost a social praxis,” Timo states, “It is about human connection and the lived experience of people feeling together and inspiring one another. These surrounding social aspects traditionally deemed as ‘extra-musical’ are actually not extra-musical at all – they form an essential part of the music’s most inner fabric.” The album emerges from this place of human interactivity. It features four musically synergetic friends of diverse backgrounds entering into an improvisational dialog marked by mutual trust. Giving and Taking is a natural part of this process. In this video, artist Odelia Toder, captures a diverse moments of community, intimacy, emotions, and inter-personal connection.

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Timo Vollbrecht – saxophone
Keisuke Matsuno – guitar
Elias Stemeseder – piano & synthesizers
Dayeon Seok – drums

Video by Odelia Toder
Footage by Odelia Toder in collaboration with Nathali Basoski
Composition and Production by Timo Vollbrecht
Recorded by Nanni Johansson & Frida Claeson Johansson
Additional recording by Matt Marantz
at Blackbird Music Studio, Berlin
Post-produced, mixed, and mastered by Joseph Branciforte
Label: BERTHOLD records
PR by Crossover Media and Uwe Kerkau
Booking: Agentur Wolkenstein

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media