Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990) was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, and mystic known for his influential work in the fields of occultism and esotericism. His writings and teachings have had a lasting impact on the New Age movement, shaping the beliefs and practices of countless individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom.

The life and Work of Manly P Hall

Manly P Hall was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and spent much of his early life studying the teachings of various esoteric traditions, including Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and Theosophy. In 1928, he moved to Los Angeles, where he founded the Philosophical Research Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study and dissemination of esoteric knowledge.

Throughout his career, Hall wrote over 150 books and delivered countless lectures on a wide range of esoteric topics, including symbolism, alchemy, astrology, and the ancient mysteries. His best-known work, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” remains a seminal text in the field of occultism and is considered a classic of esoteric literature.

Manly P Hall’s Influence on the New Age Movement

Manly P Hall’s teachings have had a profound impact on the development of the New Age movement, a spiritual and philosophical movement that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s. His emphasis on the interconnectedness of all things, the power of the mind to shape reality, and the importance of spiritual growth and self-discovery resonated with many seekers looking for a more holistic and inclusive approach to spirituality.

Hall’s writings also played a significant role in popularizing esoteric concepts and practices, such as the use of symbolism, ritual, and meditation as tools for personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment. His work continues to inspire and influence New Age practitioners, who seek to integrate ancient wisdom with modern science and psychology in their quest for higher consciousness.


Q: What are some of Manly P Hall’s most famous works?

A: Some of Manly P Hall’s most famous works include “The Secret Teachings of All Ages,” “The Lost Keys of Freemasonry,” and “The Secret Destiny of America.”

Q: How did Manly P Hall’s teachings differ from traditional religious beliefs?

A: Manly P Hall’s teachings often emphasized the unity of all religions and spiritual traditions, highlighting the common themes and symbols that underlie different faiths. He encouraged seekers to explore esoteric wisdom from around the world and to develop their own understanding of the divine through personal experience and introspection.

Q: What is the significance of Manly P Hall’s work in the modern world?

A: Manly P Hall’s work continues to be relevant in the modern world, as more and more people seek alternative paths to spiritual growth and self-discovery. His emphasis on the power of the individual to shape their own reality and his exploration of esoteric symbolism and philosophy have inspired countless individuals to embark on their own journey of inner exploration and transformation.

In conclusion, Manly P Hall’s impact on occultism and the New Age movement cannot be overstated. His teachings have helped to shape the beliefs and practices of countless individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom, and his work continues to inspire and influence seekers around the world.