Louis Nicholls has dived deep into the world of newsletter referral programs, and he’s learnt a thing or too along the way. This chat is packed with advice about speaking to your customers, avoiding shiny object syndrome and how to grow a newsletter.

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Louis’ startup: https://sparkloop.com

What we covered in this episode:
– How Sparkloop Started
– How Louis met his cofounder Manuel
– Going Niche vs Broad
– Pursuing a growing market
– What is your unique competitive advantage?
– Avoiding shiny object syndrome
– Speaking to your customers
– How does a newsletter referral program work?
– Can you start a referral program from the beginning?
– What’s the value of a newsletter subscriber?
– Sparkloop calculator
– Sparkloop growth from day 1
– How big is Sparkloop?
– How to start and grow a newsletter
– Louis’ favourite newsletters
— Lenny’s Newsletter
— Morning Brew
— Why We Buy

– Book: Wuthering Heights
– Podcast: Default Alive
– Indie Hacker: Josh Ho

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