In this video, I’m going to show you how to optimize your website for holistic search engine optimization (SEO). I’ll start by explaining what holistic search engine optimization is and why it’s important. I’ll then show you how to set up your website for holistic SEO and walk you through a step-by-step case study. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to optimize your website for organic growth and achieve 500,000 or more organic clicks a month!

Holistic SEO Tutorial teaches how to Rank on Google compared to strong competitors with every Technical SEO, Semantic SEO, Local SEO, and Image-Video SEO Components and practices. The Holistic SEO tutorial explains how a beginner can audit a website, and create a brand for further authority with expertise-authoritveness-trustworthiness (EAT) signals for Google algorithms.

What is Holistic SEO?

Holistic SEO is the unification of page speed improvements, user experience optimization, brand building and positioning, content marketing and production, technical and semantic SEO along with local and image SEO. Holistic SEO focuses on every possible optimization for the organic growth of a brand while changing the culture of the organization for a better SEO focused business strategy and methodology.

How to explain Holistic SEO Mindset in one sentence?

Holistic SEO is “optimizing every pixel, byte, user experience, milliseconds for a better digital brand.”

Is Holistic SEO hard?

Yes, Holistic SEO is the hardest SEO mindset compared to other SEO verticals.

How does Holistic SEO use Page Speed Improvements?

Holistic SEO leverages HTML Minification, Text Compression, Server-side Rendering, CSS and JavaScript Refactoring, HTTP 2.1 usage along with HTTP 2.1 Server Push, Resource Loading Order Prioritization, and Resource Count and Size Optimization, along with merging resources while asynchronously loading for Font files and CSS files. Aggressive image optimization, server-side caching, and CDN usage for media assets are sub-processes of Holistic SEO and Page Speed Improvements.

How does Holistic SEO use branding?

Holistic SEO uses digital PR, and transparent brand building with the founders, employees, team managers and leaders for the brand. Links, mentions, social media posts and activities are heavily used for a better brand building. Google ranks Brands, not websites. Thus, having a brand search demand, and understanding how a brand is searched and associated to specific concepts matter. The Holistic SEO uses Google auto-suggestions, related search terms, People Also Ask questions, Google Business Profile, social media accounts for creating a compact new brand identity for better relevance and conversion rate.

How does Holistic SEO use Conversion Rate Optimization?

Holistic SEO uses conversion rate optimization for helping the monetization of organic traffic in sustainable way. Sustainable monetization means user-friendly ads, call-to-action usage without suppressing the main content, or creating banner blindness.

Holistic SEO leverages Analytics technologies, data science and data-driven approach for conversion data, and audience demographics, along with intents for the visit.

How does Holistic SEO leverage User Experience?

Holistic SEO leverages user experience with mobile-friendly, faster and user-friendly web page designs along with accessible web applications for every kind of user. The color palettes, typographies, image components, web page layout, headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, graphics, quotes from experts, and expert-level unique information and research are provided for better user experience.

How does Holistic SEO leverage social media?

Social media existence and activities are used by Holistic SEO to strengthen the brand-identity and provide an omnichannel digital marketing strategy for the brands. The social media platforms and accounts provide a loyal user base, bigger community reach and continuous flow of trust signals for the brand.

00:00 Introduction to Holistic SEO
03:00 Source Authority for SEO
05:00 Semantic Content Network
07:00 Semantic SEO Course
09:30 Past SEO Case Studies for Holistic SEO
12:45 Background of Holistic SEO Case Study
15:30 Page speed Improvements for Holistic SEO
20:30 Holistic SEO Approach for Details
22:30 CSS and JavaScript Refactoring
28:21 Result Checking for Holistic SEO Project
32:24 Web Server Request Limits
38:40 HTTP Cache Hierarchy
43:00 Image Optimization
48:00 Lazy Loading and Cumulative Layout Shift
51:15 Technical SEO for Holistic SEO
53:10 Semantic HTML
56:05 How to do SEO Research?
58:35 Web Accessibility for SEO
60:15 Web Page Layout for Holistic SEO
63:09 Knowledge Graph API for SEO
66:04 SMITH Algorithm and BERT for NLP
69:00 Image SEO
72:01 Broad Core Algorithm Updates of Google
75:44 Website Migration
81:45 Ranking Signal Consolidation
84:00 Core Update and Competitor Analysis
86:15 Conclusions for Holistic SEO

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