“Hmoob Tej Tub” – Maiyia Vwj Official Music video
Written & sung by Maiyia Vwj, from the “Lom Zem” album 2022

Abandoned in the woods alone, Orphan boy meets an injured girl in the woods. The two make their way to an abandoned village where things take a dark turn…

Presented by Airtrax Motion Pix LLC
Directed by Dan Yaj, Cross Stitch Media
Camera assistant, & Lead Editor: Ger Moua, Farvision Entertainment
Executive Producer: Super-Seng stage IV,
Producer & Sponsors: Ker & Chong Vang, Vang Realty
Designer: Tseng Thao

Orphan Boy: Sai Vang
Lost Girl: Sunshine Vang
Village Man #1: Ger Moua
Village Man #2 : Toulee Khang
Demon #1: Yengkong Xiong
Demon #2: Seanny Thao
Dance Group:
Michelle Vang
Clarie Mia
Kelly Vang
Huachee Moua
Maifue Yang
Khaoli Yang
Sariya Thao
Evenny Xiong
Dance Instructors:
Andreanna Yang
Xuey Lee

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Maiyia Vwj is a Hmong American singer/songwriter/musician from Fresno, California. Her music is a fusion of acoustic, soul, and pop. She started singing at 8 years old and became a musician when she picked up the guitar at 13 years old. She has been composing and writing her own music since 16. Her self-titled debut album was released on June 23, 2018.