Welcome to the LARVA TALES channel by TUBAn.

TUBAn is an animation production studio well known for its skillful charecter design, animation production techniques in 3D CGI.
The company has more than 12 years of experience of creating various portfolios.
Over the years, ‘TUBA n’ has been exploring new paths to deliver sheer enjoyment to viewers of all ages. An approach towards recreating happiness to people of all ages and all facets of life TUBA n uplifts the choice of watching quality entertainment by enlightening the experience of enojoyment on screen watching..

At TUBA n we belive Our tagline as to “Big Smile For Everyone”.
Watch enjoy reccomend us and bless us to endeavor sheer delight into our future offerings with a range of charecters we have developed to entertain you with 16 flavours of happiness, joy, entertainment, pleasure, fight, flight, fear, belief, mischief, smile, laugh, laughter, sorrow, disgust, anguish and faith.

TUBA n endorses authority on values only on delivering delight to its viewers may it be toddlers till teens, student till teachers, maidens till mothers, friends till fathers, everyone will be treated to blissful joy.