logo design tips from Looka with Core Business Academy
Want to create a logo for your business or client? Check out these 5 logo design tips and tricks to put your best business face forward.

1. Keep it simple
2. Make it memorable
3. Test for versatility
4. Ask, is it appropriate?
5. Create for the long term

There are tons of logo ideas out there to pull inspiration from! Whether you’re a marketing consultant, own a construction business, or are a professional photographer, creating a logo for your business is one key way to help differentiate you from your competitors. A logo is more than just a mark that represents your business, though; it’s the essence of your brand. It has a massive impact on the perception of your business, so it’s crucial to create the perfect logo design for your company!

The problem is, logo design can be intimidating. From conducting competitive research to selecting colors, fonts, and shapes, there’s a lot to decide. That’s why we created this logo design tips guide! It’s also why we created Looka – to make the whole process easy, fun, and creative, all using AI!

Leave your company’s mark on the world, and make sure it looks damn good, wherever it’s displayed! Ready to create your logo? Visit https://looka.com – our online logo maker – to get started!

Hopefully these tips help you on your logo design journey. If you want to learn more about design, subscribe to our channel!

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